Starting from year 2015 we are part of the LUTECH Corporate group.

Thanks to this Industrial partnership, implemented via the controlled company named ARCARES, we will become the primary market reference for the Lending Industry sector, since we can now offer the specialised skills that our teams have expertised in Loans, Asset Finance and Factoring, becoming a company able to offer both high-added-value solutions and innovative services, so as to adequately serve the rapid-changing market scenario, which is becoming more and more “bank-oriented" and “global".

Moreover, the commitment of the founding partners remains unchanged, so as to guarantee the continuity of pursue of our “core mission" and of the integrity of our staff, our values and our passion.

Among the leading ICT Italian companies, LUTECH provides services which range from strategy support down to operational process, with a strong expertise in: Security & IT Governance, CRM & Contact Center, Enterprise&Mobile Applications, Networking, Digital & Video Solutions, Process & Project Management, Managed Services, Mainframe Services, wHospital®. LUTECH serves over 200 customers operating in various industry sectors:

Telco & Media, Public Sector & Health, Utilities&Energy, Finance and Manufacturing.

With more than 1100 professionals and offices located in Milan, Modena, Florence, Rome, Pomezia, Naples, Bari, Catania and London (UK), in 2016 LUTECH achieved a turnover of more than 177 M€.

A leading Vertical Software Vendor offering solutions for the Factoring sector, ARCARES designs, develops and delivers its own higly-specialised software solutions, also providing the related maintenance and customer support services.

Together with Liscor, Arcares will expand its own professional services to all segments of Lending, starting from Application Management (offered also via Software-As-A-Service) up to Business Process Outsourcing.