A core software platform is a binding choice for many years to come, so we keep clear our technological drivers to help our customer to:
  • protect their investment
  • install on any type of infrastructure
  • optimize integration, security and mobility
  • minimize the total cost of ownership
Our software solutions are designed and implemented with the most reliable technologies available - J2EE and Oracle - upon a Service Oriented Architecture.

The “SMAC" paradigm

Mobile devices and social technologies are redefining the user experience with real-time, collaborative and contextual capabilities. We developed our solution following the SMAC paradigm.



Social user experience can provide a more engaging content and collaborative tools to enable mobile users to work together more effectively.


Our "responsive" front-end has been developed upon the Bootstrap© framework in order to allow your company to be present on every kind of device (tablet, smartphone, laptop, phablet...).


Analytics tools drive organizations to put workforce intelligence into the hands of managers, unleashing the value hidden within your comporate data. We are fully integrated to third party BI and Business Discovery platforms: QlikView©, JasperSoft BI©, Oracle BI©, IBM Cognos BI© and others.


Cloud Computing allows your company to take benefit from the flexible "pay-per-use" and "on-demand" formulas of SaaS and IaaS. Our platform-indipendent Java Web-based SOA architecture fully satisfies the cloud deployment model.

Solution architecture

Our n-tier service oriented architecture – based on J2EE technology and Oracle database – ensures scalability, performance and platform independence.

Paper-free operations
Document Management + e-Signature = Dematerialisation Our technology streamlines integration with market standard Document Management platforms such as NUXEO©, ALFRESCO©, EMC DOCUMENTUM©, MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT© and others. Our solutions includes specific features to streamline integration with Certification Authorities to deliver paper-free operations to customers and business partners. Depending on each specific need, we support digital e-signature with OTP on customer mobile phone as well as graphometric signature.
Business Process Management (BPM)
Our solutions features an optional out-of-the-box BPM engine or can be linked with existing market standard BPM engines such as JBOSS BPM©, IBM WEBSPHERE BPM© and others. The out-of-the-box BPM engine is implemented upon J2EE technology following the open IFML© standard featuring: BPD - Business Process Designer: to configure processes and tasks workflow execution between various operational lanes BPE - Business Process Engine: it is the run-time module governing the operational flow in the live environment BAM - Business activity monitor: produces real-time interactive reports with process performance KPIs to improve operational efficiency
Our customers put security at the top of requirements. We ensure compliance as follows: Authentication - integration with existing identity management platforms (support for knowledge-based, token-based, biometric key) Authorization - internal profiling or integration with existing authorization platforms optimize integration, security and mobility Auditing - full log of access, modified data, historicization of data with configurable historical depth Encryption - both communication protocols and stored data can be encrypted to maximize security at all levels

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